400 Tanks. 4000 Gallons of Water.
The Biggest and best Selection Down River.

Saltwater Fish

Critters has a pristine selection of saltwater fish, live coral, live rock, and invertebrate. We also carry every type of saltwater product you need to set up and maintain your saltwater aquarium. We have hundreds of saltwater items in stock every day!

We enjoy helping our customers start and maintain a healthy aquarium. We’ll help you make it relaxing, the way it should be! If you have questions or need assistance, stop in and see us because we’re here to help.

Fresh Water

We specialize in everything aquatic. we have an extensive selection of all types of fish and invertebrate from around the world. We have one of the largest selections of African and South American Cichlids, including jumbo size cichlids in the area. Critters carries tanks up to 265 gallons and everything that you’ll need to maintain it including, filters, heaters, pumps, huge supply of decorations, dry and frozen foods. We have hundred of freshwater products to keep your aquarium healthy and happy.